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Our Policies

Ordering Information

To order products on this website visit our product order page.

If you have questions call 416-888-6528.

Payment Methods

Miracle Nutritional Supplements accepts Visa, MasterCard and Paypal as payment on orders. For payment with check, money order, or bank check, call (416) 888-6528 to find out where to mail your check.

Shipping Charges

Please note that the products are manufactured in Canada, and are stocked in Canada and USA. Shipping charges are calculated at the time of the order.

Domestic Shipping Charges

Unless otherwise requested, standard shipping within the Canada and United States is handled with the Canada Post Express Mail service. For faster or expedited shipping or other shipping method or carriers, please request at time of order.


The product is shipped within 3 business days from the time of the order.

Custom Declaration of Content and Value

The shipment will be declared as Algae / Dietary Supplement for the purpose of the custom declaration. The declared value of the product for custom purpose will be subject to each order value. It is best to keep the order under 12 bottles to minimize custom taxes and other fees.

Loss, Delayed or Retained Products

Loss in transit, or delayed or/and retained shipments by customs agencies are the responsibility of the buyer. The communication and resolution of these delays are also the responsibility of the buyer.
To protect your order against loss, it is recommended to insure your order at the time of shipment. Please request for your order to be insured and the cost will be communicated to you.

Product Returns

Note that this product return policy applies only to direct customers of Miracle Nutritional Supplements and not to its resellers.

Unopened product returned within 30 days of purchase will be refunded in full less shipping and a small handling charge. Unopened product returned within 30-90 days of purchase is subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Miracle Nutritional Supplements will not accept product returned after 90 days of purchase or refund opened product.

Please call Customer Services at 416-888-6528 to obtain a Return Authorization Number and a Return Address, or email us.

This number must be marked on the outside of the package of product being returned. Shipments back to Miracle Nutritional Supplements should be made by a traceable method i.e. Miracle Nutritional Supplements is not responsible for lost packages of product being returned to us.


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News News
Thank you for your interest in BioSuperFood/BioPreparation line of products.
BioSuperFood/BioPreparation are truly unique whole food products delivering wide range of benefits. This newsletter service was started as a response to the requests of great number of clients that are using BioSuperFood and BioPreparation for home and farm animals.
As a previously trained medical doctor I have never believed in a product that has a cure for every problem and I still do not believe in it. However, I cannot find a condition, where my clients that religiously followed my instructions did not achieve significant improvement, if not completely made their health issues disappear.
I am dealing with BioSuperFood and BioPreparation for over 6 years and I had clients, who simply wanted to have more energy, I had clients with Autism, I had clients who are involved in natural bodybuilding, who had serious deteriorative conditions and etc.
Here are a few stories:
2.5 years old boy, totally not responsive, lining up objects, close ears on the loud noise, no eye-contact. I was hired to put together an “educational” program. Parents and me met on Thursday and beside educational suggestions I recommended Biosuperfood. The boy was little and I suggested trying with formula 2 and getting up to 3-4 capsules per day. The next meeting was set for Monday where the training took place. During the weekend parents suppose to create working environment based on my recommendations and start the adaptation stage with Biosuperfood, i.e. 1 capsule per day. On Monday parents met me with the “wide eyes” saying that in one hour after the child received his first capsule he totally changed. He started participating, looking into eyes, demanding attention. By Sunday evening he pronounced a few sounds and “looks-like” a first word.
This was an exceptional case. I don’t remember any autistic children responding so quickly. However, usually we have noticeable improvements within a couple of months.
Cholesterol / Thyroid gland function:
Woman 65 years old, who suffered from breast cancer 5 years ago, due to the previous treatments had almost no thyroid hormones produced by the body as many other hormones as well. She came to me with a concern for her high cholesterol. After being on F3 for just 2 months, her cholesterol level significantly reduced and to her surprise her body started producing thyroid hormone.
14 years old boy suffered from epileptic seizures since he was 3-4 years old, about 2-4 times a week. Had no seizures for over a year since he started taking BioSuperFood.
Nearly dying cat:
One of the friends of mine found a cat on the street. The cat was totally “naked” and had some kinds of seizures a few times per day. She took the cat to a couple of veterinarians and received a verdict of a couple of month’s life expectancy. I offered her a BioPreparation F3+. The seizures completely disappeared within 2 days of taking the product. The other interesting thing happened is within 2-2.5 weeks the cat’s fur has grown very thick. Apparently this cat belongs to a very expensive breed. Now this cat is very energetic and has no signs of previously displayed illness.
Share your story!
We all have different experience with BioSuperFood and BioPreparation. Others want to hear your story. Please, send 1 or 2 paragraphs to support@miraclenutritionalsupplements.com
With wishes of LOVE and HEALTH
From Support at MiracleNutritionalSupplements.com
* This newsletter service was started as a response to the requests of great number of clients that are using BioSuperFood and BioPreparation for home and farm animals. You received this newsletter because you were registered as a user at www.miraclenutritionalsupplements.com. If you no longer want to receive further news, please, send us an e-mail to support@miraclenutritionalsupplements.com with your e-mail address asking us to remove you from the list.

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