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Supplements store that provides the body supplement with complete nutritional solution.

Discover how one supplement can deliver full spectrum of comprehensive benefits. BioSuperFood is exclusive blend of Micro Algae with complete, balanced and synergetic nourishing effects on the body and brain. Some people call it a body supplement and use it for training and natural bodybuilding; some people effectively use it for boosting and balancing their immune systems, some as natural weight loss supplement and as anti-aging supplement; some people just want to Supports optimum assimilation, digestion and cellular absorption, to provides nutrition support for brain function and emotional balance and to Increases dynamic metabolic rejuvenation and healing. BioSuperFood is everything of the above and much more….

Natural Supplement for Bodybuilders and Athletes

Are you involved in the basic fitness or considering yourself as a serious athlete and trying for Olympics or you are natural bodybuilder you will find BioSuperFood (natural body supplement) as essential component for your daily nutritional routine.

Natural Weight Lost

The effective weight lost program is the multi-dimensional and must consider nutritional, psychological and fitness areas. BioSuperFood is considered by many as a natural weight lost supplement, which will naturally look after your nutritional area of the weight lost program.


BioSuperFood is a whole food supplement naturally blending together about 5,000 nutrients and high concentration: vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace elements, Omega 3, 6, 9, amino acids and more. Let best blend of algae help you staying young.

Balancing Immune system

Whether you are dealing with thyroid issues, managing your blood sugar, going through menopause, have high cholesterol level or have difficulties fighting infections – BioSuperFood will naturally balance your immune system and boost it to a level you have never had before.

Boost energy

Whether your energy is low due to lots of toxins in your body or your immune system is out of balance or you simply don’t have enough nutrients in your daily nutrition. The BioSuperFood will boost energy naturally.