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BioPreparation Guidelines

BioPreparation for Pets: Algae/Spirulina for Animals

Are you tired of spending so much money on a multitude of separate pet supplements (e.g., Omega oils, digestive enzymes, support for arthritis pain and inflammation, etc.)? Are you looking for holistic dog supplements or holistic cat supplements that work? Do you know if all your pet vitamins are working together or have side effects? Can you discontinue your pet's supplements and not have the symptoms return? Would you like ONE PRODUCT that combines the benefits of enzymes, essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils) for decreasing pain, increasing flexibility, healthy heart and brain function and a shiny coat, antioxidants for decreased inflammation and pain, immune boosting carotenes, phytonutrients which inhibit the AID's virus and cancerous cells, chlorophyll and calcium spirulan for antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits? BioPreparation is NOT a supplement (technically it is a whole food product) that just fixes the symptoms but a whole food product that restores the body's natural ability to heal. BioPreparation is truly a holistic revolution, Nature's vitamin chest in a capsule (literally containing over 5,000 individual nutrients).

Basically, BioPreparation is a similar product to BioSuperFood. However, due to the shorter digestive track the BioPreparation is designed for easier assimilation.


Generally, in animal feeds, the protein base may come from cereals, sunflowers and oleaginous seeds residuals. This method does not provide a complete solution for nutritional protein problems.

It is known that the cereal content of amino acids like lysine, methionine, tryptophan and others is rather low and below the minimum metabolic requirement for agricultural animals. This alone constitutes the principal cause of the protein and energetic metabolic deficiencies. Even the low count of existing proteins is not utilized fully. For example: from 10% albumin in barley, only 5-6% is available; of 23% albumin in peas, only 10% are utilized. More than 50% of the albumins contained in grains are eliminated with the stools. This represents large economic losses. Alongside this, the natural good taste in diverse meats, eggs and dairy products does not meet consumer’s satisfaction.

These problems are resolved when adding the BioPreparation®product to the animal feed, a concept that has already been demonstrated in many countries. BioPreparation®formulas are microalgae concentrates rich in nutrients that are highly biochemical and bioavailable.

Additionally, the preparation consist of biotechnological processes that targets the resulting synthesis of value added nutrients (carotene, vitamins, pigments and catalysts) from organic raw materials. The validity of this discovery has been confirmed when feeding pigs, cows, poultry, and fur animals in Moldova, Ukraine and Russia. This innovative concept delivers an end product specifically programmed with nutrients for animal feed.

The biotechnologies of this preparation delivers a rich content in beta-carotene and alpha-carotene, vitamin B complex (including B12), vitamins E, C, amino acids, trace elements, and many more nutrients which provides significant benefits when added to animal feed:


Four uniquely enriched, proportioned and concentrated algae: Spirulina Pacifica, Spirulina Plantentis, Dunaliella, and Astaxanthin which contain more than 5,000 known nutrients. A partial and summarized list follows:

Complete Protein makeup: averages 30% vegetable proteins with net utilization over 90%

More than 20 amino acids - All ten essential amino acids plus 10 additional

Vitamins: A, C, E, K, B's and B complex (including human-active B12)

Colloidal minerals; calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium, chloride, potassium, sulfur, etc.

Over 92 colloidal essential minerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium, chloride, potassium, sulfur and natural trace elements like iron, iodine, copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, selenium, chromium, tin, vanadium, fluorine, silicon and nickel, etc.

Phytonutrients - Highly evolved nature's special forces like phycocyanin, quercitin, lycopene and others which enhance a multitude of unique health agents like calcium spirulan which inhibits virus and cancerous cells

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA): rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, rare Gamma Linoic Acid (GLA) and other fatty acids

More than 4,000 natural active enzymes that contribute to the efficient digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, permitting greater assimilation of nutrients and total elimination of toxins

One of the richest sources of chlorophyll, with high levels of magnesium and calcium spirulan well-known agents for its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits

Astaxanthin and Dunaliella contain high levels of alpha-carotene, including b-cryptoxanthin and beta-carotene that offers powerful immunity and toxin shield against continuous pollution, toxins and stress with hundreds of times the antioxidant power of vitamin E and C, and up to 40 times that of beta-carotene as found in carrots.


  • Reduces the quantity of feed required per pound of meat, milk and eggs
  • Increase calcium absorption and retention
  • Prevents, reduces or eliminates osteoporosis
  • Relieve arthritis, gain flexibility
  • Balance hormonal disorders
  • Prevent tumors and cancer
  • Stimulates and strengthens the immune system
  • Enhance growth and tissue repair
  • Prevent and reduce degenerative diseases and associated cost
  • Balanced mood and calmer emotions
  • Achieve optimum health and longer life
  • Accelerate healing
  • Improve digestion
  • Detoxify their body
  • Increase vitality in newborn
  • Decrease in birth mortality rates
  • Increases spermatozoid activity by 3 to 4 times
  • Increases the numbers of fetus in the litter
  • Increases the technical efficiency when transplanting embryos
  • Increases in the number of embryos results in higher fertility
  • Augments the reproductive quality in mammals and poultry
  • Provides superior natural good taste in meats, eggs and dairy products
  • Reduce and/or eliminate use of antibiotics and growth hormones
  • Reduces production costs and increases productivity and profits


  • Increased quantity of milk and healthier and better tasting milk
  • Increased good butter fat percentage
  • Significantly longer milking period
  • Prevents, reduces or eliminates osteoporosis and other degenerative conditions
  • Prevent, reduces and speedup repair of physiological and physical mastitis
  • Prevents, reduces encephalopathy (mad cow disease)


  • Increases calcium content and strength of the shell
  • Increases in the number of eggs per year
  • Increases egg laying period from 14 months to 24 months
  • Decreases mortality rates from 10% to less than 2%
  • Prevents, reduces or eliminates osteoporosis
  • Significantly better tasting meats


  • General productivity increases
  • More newborns per litter
  • Increased survival rate of 98% to 99%
  • Genetic health transmitted to the next generations
  • Significantly better tasting meats

With BioPreparation®, the action of the contained controlled levels for phycobiliprotein, iodine, flour, selenium and other nutrients when used in the animal’s feeds optimally directs and supports their metabolic cycles.

The appropriate dosage with BioPreparation® stimulates protein metabolism and favors maximum utilization of the albumins derived from vegetable proteins. The resulting increase in energy is directed fully towards metabolic maintenance and productivity.

In major ways, the utilization of BioPreparation®in the animal industry can prevent pesticide induced intoxications and resulting dysfunctional liver activities. Furthermore, with the current trends of intensified use of proteins, vitamins and other supplements within the animal industry, the microbiologic synthesis obtained with BioPreparation® becomes a crucial ally.

In natural settings in Moldova, Ukraine and Russia, the use of the invention BioPreparation®in poultry feeds increased the viability of the chickens by 3.63% to 5.45%, increased their weight between 17.06% and 23.77%, and diminished the feed cost by 13% to 15%. Alongside this, the natural good taste of the meat and eggs is significantly enhanced.

The use of BioPreparation®in poultry farming for meat and eggs showed an increased strength in the eggshell, a rise of 5.8% in egg fertilization and 3.5% to 4% in successful egg laying. The mortality rate of the chicks born of parents using BioPreparation®was decreased to 1.35% from averages of 10% in the witness population.

Similar positive results were obtained with pigs, cows, minks and rabbits. Noticeably, the best results were obtained when working with animals born of parents already fed the BioPreparation®in their feed starting at least 10 to 12 days before conception.

The most remarkable results were obtained with pigs starting with the second generation when applying the hybridizing method. There was general productivity increases with; augmentation of the number of newborn per litter, an increased survival rate of 98% to 99%, genetic health increases transmitted to the next generations and significantly better tasting meats.

With fur animals like minks and rabbits, noticeable increases in luster and shine of the fur were obtained.


Starting in the early 70s, the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Nutrition in the former Soviet Russia (USSR) invested more than 1,000 person-years and millions of dollars in research and development to produce BioPreparation that would hold extraordinary nutritional properties. Consisting of blends of the four best algae among over 25,000 available on earth, these concentrates were developed, tested, proven and have now been used for agricultural and human applications for more than 15 years.

Graduating in Animal Biology and Cellular Nutrition from the Academy of Science, young Kiriac was appointed to head research as a result of successes obtained in natural nutrition during his final year at the academy. He began his intensive research in 1973 performing hundreds of trials and tests using the Chlorella alga showed good results in reduction of cancers in cattle, sheep and goats but not in chickens, rabbits, pigs or horses. As was customary in the former USSR, research always began with laboratory mice and rats before proceeding to larger species like poultry, ducks, rabbits, pigs and cattle. At times he and his researchers worked with more than 250 test groups of 30-40 diseased animals per group. He selected hundreds of different species of algae from all over the world and tested them between 1973 and 1977, both for individual benefits as well as for complimentary synergies various combinations in the intensive search for the best algae.

With the culmination of several years of research, the resulting micronutrient algae concentrates were coined Bio-Algae Preparations (BP). BP would help the prevention and recovery from many diseases for humans as well as for animals. Mr. Kiriac and his team made thousands more tests, trials and applications with mice, rats, chickens, rabbits, and pigs, with many cancers, as well as with cattle, which in Europe were affected by leukemia. His ultimate realization was “ that what was really at work was the self-healing power of the body in combination with super nutrients”.


A large poultry farm in Moldova was selected to be the research center and the proof of the concepts discovered. He spent the next eleven years working on or with this facility, even while on other assignments and managing other projects. Today, Mr. Kiriac continues to collaborate with the facility.

Housing and research facilities were established for 600 workers and 200 researchers. The research center hosted up to 1½ million egg-laying chickens in several buildings surrounding the main research facility, each holding 75,000 chickens.

Over the years, the project was able to achieve astounding animal health. For example, the poultry achieved 100% healing and eradication of the Marek disease, saving 100% of the diseased animals. About 50% of the newly-healed animals where returned to the production cycle to laying eggs again. All this was achieved with the use of organic grains and BP, without the help of antibiotics, growth hormones or other artificial means.

This farms gained superior productivity as demonstrated by:

• 20% higher productivity overall

• Larger, leaner animals

• Larger eggs with stronger shells

• Better birth survival

• Less disease, including eradication of the Marek disease

• 24 versus 17 months of egg laying

• 14 more eggs per month per chicken

• Absence of pathogenic bacteria, such as salmonella

• Better tasting meat and eggs

• High concentration of curative nutrients in the eggs even when eaten raw

Over the years, projects were able to achieve astounding animal health. For example, the poultry project achieved 100% healing and eradication of the Marek disease, saving 100% of the diseased animals. About 50% of the newly healed animals, where returned to the production cycle to lay eggs again. All this was achieved with the use of organic grains and BP, without the help of antibiotics, growth hormones or other artificial means.

Dairy Cows and Beef

A 15,000 dairy cows farm was affected with cancers and low productivity - within one year the epidemic was under control and productivity increased; better fat content, more milk, less bone loss, less protein/feed and increased lactation period. Beef were also tested during this period with many resulting benefits in disease prevention and increase in productivity.


Another project involved rabbits. Significant research with rabbits was completed, primarily because of certain cancers that were affecting this species in Moldova. Rabbits were excellent subjects because they produce three generations in one year. The cancers were eradicated in the first year. It was observed that the rabbits with BP in their diet would bear two to three more offspring, compared to test groups. Additionally, their fur was much shinier and longer.


In 1989, an epidemic of various cancers was decimating the mink population in Siberia mostly around the large city of Omsk. The mink industry in the USSR was an important and historically beloved industry because of the superior fur. Once again, the Nutrition department of the Moscow Academy of Sciences ordered Mr. Kiriac to join the team in Omsk to eliminate the cancers there and save the industry. The effort proceeded to fine-tune the right BP concentrate blends for minks and to add them to their diet. By the following year, the epidemic was under control and the cancers subsided. This was further evidence of the power of BP.


An epidemic of various cancers was decimating a 54,000 pig’s farm population around Voronege near Moscow. Following the resounding success with the poultry industry in Moldova, the prestigious Moscow Academy of Sciences became very interested in the BP research and results in Moldova. It was suggested (an order and honor you did not refuse) that Mr. Kiriac join the team in Voronege to build a second Bioreactor and research center, then proceed immediately to stop the local epidemic of cancers with the pig population.

Voronege was the premier biologic research center and the largest and most influential scientific health center in the former USSR and in all of Europe. Shortly after the arrival of Mr. Kiriac, a Bioreactor was built and the exact BP blends for pigs were developed. Within one year, the epidemic was under control and the cancers subsiding.


The Pavlov's research was reproduced in clinical settings, and they were successful. During the years at the Poultry research center, they kept over 100 dogs at a time, as standard guard dogs and human companions. They used BioPreparation with the dogs. They developed a business with the German Sheppard and other farm dogs. They sold puppies to their customers as guard dogs. They routinely avoided typical dog diseases. The dogs survived several diseases (distemper, rabies) that killed other local populations. They also noticed that the dogs were strong, more energetic while calmer.

Horses and Cats

The Pavlov's research was reproduced in clinical settings, and they were successful. During the years at the Poultry research center, the farm kept horses, the workers kept cats as human companions and BioPreparation was used with the horses and cats. The cats survived several local diseases compared to the local populations. They also noticed that the horses and cats were stronger, more energetic while calmer. The BioPreparation was also used in an informal research with large circus cats and other circus animals. The general observation was that the cats were calmer and learned their routine and tricks more quickly.



From 1999 to 2000, working with the research department of the Montreal McGill University, Mr. Kiriac was able to reproduce the poultry productivity results achieved in Moldova. Working with two tests groups of 13,000 chickens each, the group with BP added to their grain demonstrated the expected results over the control group not fed BP: larger eggs, stronger shells, longer egg-laying period, more eggs per month and no diseases. This test was performed twice for further accuracy. The amino acids counts were above average, the albumin content of meet and dry matter shot up; there were no use of antibiotics, the mortality rate dropped from 10% to 2%, and the poultry meat fat content dropped from 3.3 to 0.8. A full report will be made available soon.

Dairy Cows

From May 2004 to current day, a study is underway at a Wisconsin organic dairy farm with 30 cows involved. To date, 15 cows have been taking the preparation and the following general observations have been made; the owner John says “the milk quantity has increased per cow per day, the cows have calmed down, the general quality of the milk is higher then he has seen in his lifetime, the milk butter fat percentage and the albumin protein is rising”. The current plan is to have 10 cows without BP, 10 taking one capsule per day and 10 taking 2 capsules per day. Several productivity factors are being monitored: milk per day, fat % in milk, mastitis, mood, decrease of protein/feeds, and more.


The purpose of this industrial study was to reproduce for the North American audience the results obtained with BioPreparation®in Moldova during the period from 1987 to 1996. This small scale study was conducted during 1999 and 2000 in cooperation with Montreal's McGill University’s Agricultural Branch. Starting with 12,000 test animals, the population progressively increased to 18,000, 23,000 and finally 33,000 heads. The economical benefits are not presented.

Some qualitative factors are represented in the following graphics:

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14 years old boy suffered from epileptic seizures since he was 3-4 years old, about 2-4 times a week. Had no seizures for over a year since he started taking BioSuperFood.
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